September Park hours update

Anyone else anxiously awaiting the hours update? I make FP in a few weeks & I am going nuts trying to make plans without knowing if EEMH will be extended!

When are the updates usually posted?

Unless there’s a drastic change, I don’t foresee eemh’s being extended.

I thought EEMH went through November 2.

I have no inside information and could very well be wrong, but I suspect that under the circumstances WDW will not be making a decision on whether to extend EEMH for at least a few weeks.

I will clarify that I am there when RotR opens which is why I am curious if EEMH will be extended.

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Right there with you sister!!

ok, I’m confused. I thought it was already announced that the EEMH were through Nov 2nd. Is that likely to change?

Yes they go they 11/2. My trip is in December. I am there when the second ride, Rise of the Resistance, opens. I want to know if park hours will be changing for that.