September Liners Meet Up

As promised, here is the thread for the week of Sept 20th Bdays celebrating in the World. This is so we can plan a meet up. Well… I suppose you don’t have to have a Bday that week to meet up. If you’re in the world, I’d love to meet up with some liners.

I’ll be there solo Sept 21-26. I don’t have my parks picked out yet. I may just go with the flow. However I DO have ADRs set.

I’m hoping for a Fall trip. I was thinking Oct, but this is the second post in one day about Sept, so I may think along those lines…

Hi I arrive Sunday 20th and my birthday is the 21st, I’m coming solo and wud love to meet up. I did want to spend 21st in mk tho x

I’m not sure what time I’ll be in the world on the 21st. Once I make my plane reservations, I’ll reply. Looking forward to my first solo trip and hopefully meeting some liners.