September EMM

I know there was a thread about this earlier but couldn’t find it. Anyone else book EMM at the MK during the month of September? Several days were made available quite some time ago then all of a sudden nothing was open to book.

Just got a call from Disney saying the EMM for 9/17 was canceled due to a scheduling confict. The changed it to EMH. Anyway they refunded my money, made me a reservation for breakfast at the Plaza for the same day which they will mail me a gift card to pay for, and gave me 8 FP for any of the Fantasyland rides


WOW that is quite impressive compensation.

Yes, there is rumor that all Sept and Oct EMM for MK are being cancelled.

I was hoping to attend Nov 3 - hoping it’s not affected by this!


That’s a pretty good response.

Is that 8 FPs each? Essentially one for each attraction that you could have done during EMM and a few extra.

What kind of time did they book the Plaza for?


That’s interesting. Oh no, ignore me, I just didn’t read the post properly.


@Nickysyme The only choice I had for the Plaza was 9:30 which is not ideal but fine. The FP were 8 in total for each person on the initial reservation. They can be used any way you like on those rides, if you want to ride 7Dwarfs 8 times you can.


You get these 8 FPs PLUS your standard 3?
11 Fast Passes makes for a WONDERFUL day in MK.

Will you also participate in EMH that morning?


Got the same compensation for 9/3. We got breakfast at CP at 10:40. (Booked it as soon as I heard this was happening at the advice of someone else so I didn’t lose out on preferred times). Getting the gift card to pay. We are happy with the compensation, especially the FP.

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True they do not count towards your initial 3 FP. Yes, I think I will spend the morning in MK then get my FP at another park

Wish I had booked there ahead of time. Oh well, if we get the GC can we then cancel or change the ADR?

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The guy we talked to said we didn’t have to use the gift card there. Waiting to get it to make sure. We are going to keep it since I have young kids that will like meeting Pooh & friends. I wouldn’t cancel until you get your gift card. But I don’t see how they can make you eat there if you don’t want to.

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They made my reservation at crystal palace at 10:30 but no mention of a gift card, just that it would be ‘free if charge’.

I’d much rather a gift card and would drop the reservation if I had one.

Did anyone with gift cards have crystal palace reservations? Wondering if the difference is the plaza.

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They booked a reservation for me at CP for 9:15 but I had already go in and booked 10:40 prior to that once it was known EMM was getting cancelled. I had them cancel the reservation they made for me and they said they would provide a gift card for the reservation I had, meal cost plus 18% gratuity. Maybe because they made the reservation on your behalf it is being comped that way.

I think this is why we were given a gift card. Already had it booked. It doesn’t seem like @galuchies had prebooked in anticipation so maybe they shifted over to that. Maybe those that didn’t get the gift card could call and see if they could get it instead of the notation/comp on the reservation. Worth a shot.

Oh! I really enjoyed breakfast at the Plaza!

If there is EMH that Plaza time will be great.

I had not booked ahead of time. Perhaps they are sending a GC because I had no other option for breakfast. There was nothing left at CP

Yes there is EMH that day, this the reason for the canceled EMM. I had breakfast at the Plaza on my last trip. Thought it was good so I am going to keep the reservation they made for me. The time will work great.

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