September crowds

Here on Touring Plans it says crowds will be light the weekend of Sep 8-9 2018. I looked on is it packed and it said the complete opposite. It says it’ll be packed.
Any insight?
Thank you

I was there in 2017 on those dates and the crowds are lighter in general. Lighter than other time periods at least! Just avoid Labor Day!! I think you’re picking a great time to go!

We have been a couple of times on those dates (DS bday) and have found them to be moderate. Not as light as I had initially had hoped, but still reasonable.

I think that the Halloween decorations will draw crowds too. They’re going up earlier this year. I was just confused looking at the is it packed crowd calendar. They’re predicting Labor Day weekend to have lighter crowds than the 8-9. I guess there’s no way to know exactly.

They are all educated guesses that can turn on a dime. If you have a good strategy, then you can conquer any crowd!

We’ve done the week following Labor Day, and found it to be extremely light. Aside from the temperatures still being quite hot, it was the best trip we ever had. Most things were practically walk-ons. This is presumably because MOST families have their kids JUST starting, or just STARTED school and don’t want to take them out at the beginning of the school year. (We homeschool, so our calendar is flexible.)

But, due to the heat, we decided to do October on our following trip. Not QUITE as nice in terms of crowds, but still great. Temperatures were much more bearable, though, so it is a trade-off.

I think that those dates are the same as the first days of the Halloween season this year. Typically, the first day of the HM holiday overlay will bring in focused crowds to the ride and also Jack & Sally meet n greet that starts that day too. The ride gets a new & unique gingerbread house each year so a lot of those that have social media followings of DLR will go to capture it for their viewers. That may be why is it packed considers it’ll be packed, but if you look at the park as a whole I think the TP CL won’t be that far off. I do think that the rest of the park will be pretty low & as long as you have a good plan to arrive early you’ll be fine no matter what the CL ends up being.

You go to Disneyland too??? I’ve seen you on the proffmatt threads & totally got the vibe that you are a WDW exclusive liner (but don’t ask me what specifically had me thinking that…)

Woops. Sorry. My bad. Didn’t notice this was the wrong coast! Ignore me. Most folks do! :slight_smile:

Doh! I was hoping it wasn’t a case of mixed up coasts as it would be fun to have more active forum users for the DL side as well. Oh well, I’ll just return to watching your banter on the WDW side.

Thank you so much - this is the week (week after labour day) we are going and I am excited. I am finding planning for disneyland much harder than disneyworld because hours and showtimes are not known til 6 weeks prior which…is kinda crazy. What worries me is I have not yet seen the disneyland basic firework and projection show and I read somewhere that it is unlikely that there will be shows daily during the Sunday-Wednesday visit. We might have to see it Sunday night and that’s it. We were in WDW for halloween last year and I am a bit bummed that I will miss the summer decorations and see the same halloween stuff I saw last year but how bummed will I actually be when I get there. Last time I was at disneyland it was Christmas week 2015 and DISNEYLAND CLOSED for a couple of hours reaching capacity crowds so light crowds will rock this visit. Havin halloween start early will likely just mean less refurbishment closings I am hoping - like haunted mansion. Thanks for the post

This time around you will have access to Maxpass, which n my opinion is amazing!

Well, I have been to Disneyland. When I was 12. :slight_smile:

GOT IT! We used our phones at WDW in October to book fastpasses as we used ours and loved it - just paid for extra data on our canadian plans because WIFI so spotty. Looking forward to when magicbands can be used at DL :slight_smile:

Don’t hold your breath on this one because the changes are not at all coming anytime soon. The scanners built for FP to go digital at DL use completely different technology than Magic Bands & allow the barcode from an Annual Pass or ticket to be scanned rather than whatever nifty technology Magic Band has. I don’t know the ins & outs of the technical side of it, but I’ve read enough to know that because they went this route in DL it means they have no plans to add Magic Bands unless they replace all the scanners.

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i’ll just wear them for fun then and because they are awesome and have my name on it in case I get lost :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I would also look up YouTube videos for MaxPass. While there are some minor similarities, the systems are vastly different.

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