September Climate


My name is Pedro, i am writing from Brazil, so forgive me for possible writing errors!

I have a plan to visit Orlando in 2018 september or early november.

For my best knowlegde, the lines on september are shorter, but the downside of the month is the climate (at least for me).

Well, the city where i live is kind of hot (to be honest, i would prefer a cooler one, but i got used to it), but not as hot as Orlando can be on september - i think because of the high humidit); anyway, i think i can handle it.

My big problem is the rain! Well, i saw on many sources the same information: it rains on most days, but it is kind of a “tropical rain”.

And in this very point it is my doubt!

Some people say that the rain lasts around one hour. Other says thats lasts 3 or 4 or more). This makes really diference to me! How the rain actually is?

And the critical point: how does this rainfall affects the theme parks?

Any rain would make an outdoor atraction to close? Attractions like splash mountain, big thunder, test track…

I understand that if its a heavy rain, these rides should close, but it is the case of semptember rains?

I don’t mind walking in the rain, theres not a problem for me, but when the rain become a problem to rides, this makes me think if its not better to go on november.

The last question a think its a silly one…the indoor rides (dinossaur, space mountain, tower of terror, spider man, harry potters…) doesn’t get any rain effects, right?

Well, i am really thanful for your help!


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The other big worry in September is hurricanes - if one pushes through during your vacation you may be effectively locked in your resort for 24 hours or perhaps not even be able to fly in/out of Orlando. Something lots of people are facing this weekend. Because of that and coming from Brazil I’d presume changing travel plans would be difficult, I’d likely lean towards November as better for you. Personally I’d also trade slightly busier of early November for the cooler temperatures as well…

Indoor attractions should be totally unaffected by the rain. Outdoor, Test Track is the only one that often shuts down due to rain I believe, although many of the others would close for lightning. The other factor is even if the ride is running, do you want to be on it? In a heavy rain I could see Expedition Everest or even Big Thunder being annoying if you were constantly pelted by big drops in your face…


Rain, by itself, rarely shuts down attractions. Lightning is the bigger concern. If there is lightning in the area, many of the outdoor rides will shut, but there is no effect on the indoor rides. And there are a lot more indoor rides than outdoor rides.

In my experience the short lines really outweigh any negative weather, unless you’re only going for 3-4 days. If you’re going for 5 days or longer when the crowd levels are 3 or lower then you’ll still have time to do nearly everything even if you lose an entire day to weather.

Don’t worry about the rain! I lived in FL for many years and I’ve traveled to Disney World 20+ times. It rains in FL and it’s just to be expected. But if it’s a regular rain, then it’ll pass quickly. Rides that are outdoors will be impacted by Lightning and will stay closed for usually 1/2 an hour following every lightning strike within a certain distance of the parks. It’s very rare that rides stay down for too long!

Test Track is an exception…it breaks down often for typically unknown reasons lol! But it’s definitely worth the hassle! One of my favorite rides!

I’m going to WDW sometime in Oct or Nov of this year, so I’ll be there with you jumping in puddles! No worries! :):smiley:

I live in Orlando and am an annual passholder and we go to the parks several times in September.

Here are some tips…

  1. Do remember it is hurricane season. However, Disney does an excellent job taking care of guests if they stay at the resort. They make the cast members stay and serve the guests until the parks open up again. The eye of Irma went right over WDW at 90 mph on September 11th. The buildings are rated for 110 mph. The day after a hurricane is awesome! No crowds whatsoever!

  2. It will be in the 90’s with 90% humidity. Drink a lot of water, where lightweight cotton type clothing, bring a wide brimmed hat, and sunglasses, and you will be fine.

  3. The rain can last anywhere from 1 1/2 hours to four hours, and there is no way to predict how long except as the storm gets closer. The lightning is usually dancing everywhere. Florida is the lightning capital of the world!

It has rained every single day that I have gone in the September. The lightning is scary, and I should be used to it by now. It can rain in the afternoon or evening. My husband and I went on a get-away on September 1st and went to Disney Hollywood and it rained from 7:30 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. that evening and we got very wet.

One day in the middle of September it started raining at 2:00 p.m. It rained for 1 1/2 hours and Disney shut everything down and the guests and cast members all found a place to shelter. We were coming out of a show in Epcot and stood in the lobby for 1 1/2 hours and waited with everyone else, but it was a funny memory. I have no regrets. The lightning was literally just a few feet from us striking on the ground.

Bring and umbrella and/ or plastic ponchos. I have had to use ponchos every September.

  1. The rain cools things off and we Floridians welcome it. It will make a very nice cool and fun evening after, and everything smells so good. When you get off of the plane into Orlando in September you can smell the flowers!

I don’t think you will regret coming in September if you know what to expect, and are prepared.