September actual park openings?

With 3 parks having morning EMH every day, what will actual official park opening time look like for the guest not staying on property?

Will guests at the tapstiles enter at 8 am at MK or AK? And at 9 at HS.

I’ve arrived very early at EMH parks and at non-EMH parks, and been admitted before published opening.

I’ve not ever, that I recall, arrived at 7:15, as a non Disney resort guest, for a park opening at 8 am.

We only went to an EMH park one day of our trip. We were there about 15 minutes early. They let us through the tapstiles and then all offsite guests were held until about 5 minutes before. Onsite guests could tap with a 2nd set of CMs and enter the park.
I believe EMH at MK and AK is 7-8 so yes that implies park opening is at 8. And 9 for HS.
Does that answer your question?

Yes, yes it does.