September 3'rd - Hello Liners!

Good morning Liners! I am stealing @Steve1 's good morning countdown today, because my countdown is 1 and I am so excited!
Have a wonderful day!


Good morning! I’m doing a little happy dance for you! (I’m doing it very quietly because my family is sleeping.) Today is day 61 for me. I’m looking forward to scheduling FP tonight.

Good morning @Akershus, when do you fly out? Do you have stops? Looks like you’ll be good as far as the volcano goes.

Hello @Sally, do you ever sleep? Seems like we can always find your cheery disposition on here, I’m beginning to suspect that you are not actually human but maybe a Len Testa attempt at a virtual version of an audioanimatronic. :wink:


I do sleep! I am often up from 2-3 am. It’s a slightly annoying sleep quirk. I always go back to sleep and then tend to wake up early every day. I do go to bed early to compensate for it. :slight_smile:

I like to think I keep really busy most days, but I do get bored and I check in here way more often than I should. It’s so easy to take a break from whatever I’m doing and quickly sit down in the computer and add my two cents.

(Or maybe the Ghost in the Machine just wants you to believe that.)

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Good morning and happy packing @akershus. Greetings @sallyepcot and @justtimmy. Trying to wake up for my long day at work. Have a great day.