September 26, 2020 showing at unavailable to all Parks?

How can this be? any ideas?

it is a Saturday… ??? Otherwise nope, no idea

Isn’t it a long weekend for a lot of people?

Maybe last chance for people to use their partially used tickets that expire on that date:

“Partially used multi-day theme park tickets with a usage window impacted by park closure, or date-specific theme park tickets purchased through June 6, 2020 with a valid use period beginning March 12, 2020 or later, will automatically be extended to use any date through September 26, 2021.”

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That’s next year.


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Well maybe a lot of other people assumed it was this year too and quickly booked for Saturday :joy::upside_down_face:


I mixed up numbers all the time so I’m right there with you

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Do schools have Monday off for Yom Kippur? I believe many do.

Depends on what part of the country you live in

That’s interesting. Here, individual districts determine in they have school on religious holidays. For example, many districts in Massachusetts do but my district does not have any off (that includes Good Friday).

I never would have considered

as being a factor,

All good ideas! I just called a travel agent friend and she said there are glitches and she saw the same thing happen last week! It was grayed out not available and then the availability went back to green, all parks available. When I called WDW, I got the standard answer, first come, first served, not available. haha.

Well there was only one synagogue in the Salt Lake City area, but when my mom grew up in Minneapolis she was the only kid in class on Jewish holidays

I just noticed the holiday weeks in Oct & Nov are starting to fill up. So, I got in there and flipped my reservations around for 4 day trip in November the week before Thanksgiving. We are flying in on the Wed, so the park days will be Thu-Sun. The busiest days🤪 (Only days that worked best for getting time off work)

Decided to go with MK, EP, AK, partial at DHS. Staying at AoA, so wanted last day to be Skyliner park.

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