September 2020 Trip Hotel Thoughts

Good morning! Looking at Disney vs. off site in DS hotel (with 60 day fp). It seems like the on-site Disney rates for a moderate are high. Have been looking at Hilton Lake Buena Vista, Hilton Buena Vista Palace and DS Doubletree. There are 4 of us but DH is not a huge Disney fan (he goes because DD’s and I love it). The price difference is about $600 for a week to stay at one of these vs. on site. Found Mousesavers had some discounts that included free parking, we will likely be driving this trip. Just not sure, we have stayed on site for all previous trips at Port Orleans Riverside/FQ. If anyone has stayed at one of these please let me know what your impression was. Also does it seem like the rates have been increased for mid to late Sept for Disney hotels?

I don’t think Disney typically offers discounts in September and later until the July-ish timeframe, historically. So the prices you see today might not be the prices you see in a couple months.

I’m still hoping to see an AP discount offered that’s better than the Sun and Fun discount I booked our AS Movies resort in August with. We shall see. If there is one, it likely will be very minor compared to what we already have.

ETA: Maybe this helps:

Thank you for that link. Keep forgetting that they haven’t released deals yet. Last 3 trips booked with MVT, great rates, but they don’t have any specials for the dates we’re looking at.

We split stayed at Hilton lake Buena Vista and CSR. the rooms were nice - larger and better standard than the CSR rooms. The buses were a real nuisance though, so factor in Ubers in your cost saving as well as the resort fee.

I’ve got a booking for September at the double tree - the cancellable rate was excellent. I’m holding this to see if an on-site hotel rate comes down…

We will have a car so thinking we may drive most days and Uber to MK (CR). Did you like the Hilton? Looked at Doubletree also, the rooms look huge. Want to be able to walk to DS, we like the QS options there.

Hilton was fine - but like any Hilton anywhere. Pluses are the beds are always great and the room spacious, downside is losing the bubble…