September 2019 Trip-advice needed

This trip has been so difficult to plan, think I have talked myself into and out of so many options and add ons. This trip will be just DH and I, anniversary trip, we will have 3 park/nonpark days. Planning a Typhoon Lagoon day but not sure how long we would want to spend there. That determines if we need 3 days of tickets or only 2. This is supposed to be a slower trip but am having difficulty doing that. Also, there is only one night that MK is open past 6. So, my questions: how long for typhoon lagoon (just plan for all day and do non park stuff after we leave), if don’t add 3rd ticket day it will mean no night MK likely.
Have debated MNSSHP so many times, to go or not to go that has been the question. We would likely watch the parade and fireworks but more interested in rides. Based on that thought the one late night at MK might be a better choice. We are staying onsite. Any advice on Typhoon Lagoon day and MNSSHP vs regular park night, will be very much appreciated.

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Usually, the MNSSHP days are very low crowds because of the early close. So you can provably do a lot of rides. But you can’t watch fireworks inside the park. You could do dinner at a monorail resort and watch the fireworks from there.

I’ve never been to typhoon lagoon, so no help there.

I love TL! It’s easy to do it all in a half day if you just do each ride once. So it comes down to how much lounging / floating you want to do. The food there is surprisingly good - not a wide variety, but done well.

I would definitely do a RD TL beach morning. Just have a relaxing time - a couple drinks and a few slides then leave at 2p - 3p with a MNSSHP late afternoon / evening.

To be clear though, I’m a water park fan. So, I can and have done a full day at each water parks. I try to go to one of the water parks each trip.

Every time I think I figure it out… Thanks. We Usually love water parks and having not been to one at Disney we could probably play most of the day. If I waited until day of the party how much more are tickets?

“Day Of” tickets are +$10. Remember, they do have a limited number of tickets for each party so they can sell out.

From personal experience. The nights without MNSSHP are mobbed. The hub is horrible. So figure that into your plans.

Everybody else is trying for HEA because it is one of the few times it is shown


I feel your pain! We (me, DD13, DS9, and DS8) are going in September for a 3-night, 2-park day trip. I’ve gone back and forth about whether to do one day in the parks and one day at Typhoon Lagoon. We just went to TL for the first time and everyone really liked it. LOVED the lazy river, wave pool, and slides. My only complaint is that there was less shade in the seating areas than I anticipated. We arrived two hours after opening and couldn’t find a good place to set up out things that weren’t in the blistering sun. My local water parks have way more shaded options. So plan ahead if you want shade.

I will say this…MNSSHP by far created some of my family’s best memories of any of our Disney trips. My kids still talk about our evening there and the fun we had trick-or-treating and watching the parade, fireworks, and stage show. We had so much fun that I am taking them back again this year as a surprise. Can’t wait to see how that goes!

Best of luck with your planning!

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So may plan on going to MNSSHP on the night we go to water park. Likely wouldn’t get into a park until after 4 anyway. Or thought about going to TL around 1 until close and go to a park in the am and not doing a park at night. To many options and everytime I think I’ve decided, I think of another option. Was worried about HEA being crazy, it is only shown 1 night were there.
Nice to know I’m not tge only one struggling with planning for Sept.