September 2017 park hours

Hey all! Does anyone know where to find a reliable calendar of the park hours/MNSSHP dates for September 2017? Planning ADRs is difficult enough without knowing hours! Thanks!

Nothing is set in stone this early. Disney changes hours well past the 6-months mark. The calendar will stabilize a few months out, but they might still make changes weeks or days in advance. It’s the same for every month. You can predict what they’ll do by looking at the historical park hours using the TP crowd calendar. Plug in equivalent days from last year, and compare the 2nd Friday or the month with the same Friday, for example.

Awesome thanks!

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The official WDW TA Calendar for September is here:

Any days at MK where the park closes at 7:00 and there are no Wishes Fireworks scheduled will most likely be MNSSHP nights.

I am also going in September. I based myself off of historical hours and the travel agent schedule mentioned above. I can’t wait to get closer to the dates so that I can really get a sense of the hours though.