September 2017 Memory Maker share

Would anyone be interested in a memory make share group for Sept 2017 - early Oct or is there currently a group I could join. My dates are Sept 26 - October 2. Thank you

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I would be interested! My dates are 9/2-9/9

I am definitely interested, 9-9/9-16!

I have already purchased one for our trip 9/8-9/15. Let me talk with the other people in my group but we may be interested in a share!!

Is anyone still interested in a MM share for September? Our dates our 9/3 to 9/9.

No one has contacted me, 9-9/9-16

I have three interested plus me and one person who has already has already purchase a memory maker who might be willing to share. One person has dates from 9/2 and my dates are include 10/2; for the $149.00 package there is a 30 day window and that is 31 days. I believe we could purchase a more expensive package ($169) and then it appears you can go back 30 days and forward 30 days so there is a 60 day window. What does everyone think?

Sign me up.

I am interested for sure either way. No matter which way we do it, it’s still going to be cheaper for everyone to split it than pay in full.

I am also interested! Our dates are Sept. 5-11

I’m going to be there just two days. Probably September 26 and September 28. I’d be interested…how would the sharing work exactly?

I ended up starting a separate share that is full. Thanks

I’m interested, we’ll be there 8/29-9/2