September 2015 Dates to go?

I am taking my 5 year old daughter sometime in September. I don’t care about the Halloween stuff. I just want to avoid the crowds. Considering Labor Day is the 7th, Monday. The following Tuesday is when the Halloween stuff begins. and the following week there is a solar convention at the convention center. I definitely will not go on a weekend. What days of the week and what week should we go to avoid the crowds. I want to be able to walk onto the rides with little to no waiting. Please help!!!

Have you checked the crowd calendar at all? Looks like Sept 7-11 will be super low crowds, lots of 1’s and 2’s. First numbered column (big font) is overall resort crowd level, next column is MK, next column is EP, next column is HS, and next column is AK. Last one is just notes.

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