September 17 Memory Maker share FULL

I will be in at WDW Sept 10-15 and would like to do a memory maker share with 3 to 4 others. I have hosted a share before and have the ebook directions. I just have to refresh my memory on setting it up again. Anyway if interest respond here.

I would be interested depending on the price. I’ll be in WDW Sept 25-29.

I too am interested. I will be there sept 5 to 13th.

I have done shares bedore myself. It has been a while.

Ok if we can get one more that would be an acceptable split I think

I’m good with 3 total, definitely good if we get one more. I’ve never done the share before so just let me know what you need from me. Thanks!

I assume this will be made with a dummy account that we all will have access to?

This sound right to me.

I am there Sept 25 -28 and would like to be part of this share. Thanks!

Awesome! That’s when I’ll be there, too. That won’t be a problem with the share, will it?

Nope. No problem with the share.

Great! Looking forward to some fun pics.

Do you have any more room in your share for one more? September 1st-9th here.

Looks like we have several people interested. What’s our next steps?

Hi guys. Sorry I have been MIA.

Looks like we have 5 wanting in the share. That can become ALOT of pictures to sift through.

Let me reread the Memory Share ebook. I already have a dummy account I used previously. I just have to refresh my memory.

But i am going to put a closed sign up for any new people for this share.

Thanks for coordinating avic77! From a timing perspective, I will commit to getting through my pics quickly for a good group download date. Paypal works for me if it works for you.

I am headed out of town tomorrow and wont be back till 5th. I will reread the Memory Maker share ebook and will let yall know next step next week.
Please send me a message on here with your primary MDE email so I can start sending friends and family requests.
We will use Paypal

Thanks! Have a great holiday!

Amy11Russ, Jedilogray, I need your email addresses Please send them by the end of the week. I will send emails with further information on the share

Pm was sent