Sept crowds-which week do you suggest :-)

Hi! We have been going to WDW on Labor Day and staying the rest of the week for the past few years. And we have experienced low crowds. If we switch to Sept 17-24 do you think the crowds will still be low or do you think we will start running into some fall break crowds? Has anyone been that week in the past few years? I looked at historical crowds and they look petty low. Any suggestions? Thanks so much for your input!!

I went for a few days of that week in 2015 and am now planning to return for the full week this year. Anything could change of course, but it seems like a great week to me, crowd-wise. And MNSSHP should start by then.

Currently planning on going down between the 10-18. I will say that last years predicted CLs for September was noticeably off for most of September it seems. I can’t find the thread to link it right now but essentially people seemed to be stumped about why the CL’s were off for last September. it wasn’t clear whether it was simply due to more people coming to Disney and that bigger crowds were going to be the trend in September. Or if it was attributable to something else.