Sept 2022 and D23

Does your 2022 crowd control calendar account for D23 happending 9/9 - 9/11 in Anahiem for only the 6th time?
It appears as if you expect zero impact on crowds from this big Disney centric event, which I find hard to believe, but maybe I’m mistaken.

I have a tripped booked starting September 11, 2022. I’ve been asking in various places how D23 would affect crowd levels. General responses I’ve gotten are: people are too tired after a full day at D23 to go to the parks and people don’t stay extra days so it shouldn’t affect my trip. I’d feel better with a data-backed opinion, though. I’m waffling over whether I need to change my dates.

Is D23 why Sept 6-8 resort crowd level went from went from 2-2-2 to 6-6-5 over the past few weeks? If not, why the radical change? Looking at the historical levels back to 2014, the highest for those days has been 3-3-3.

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Could be the convention and also the Halloween party dates have been announced and Sep 6th is the first one and that weekend will be the first weekend of Halloween decor/festivity which isn’t only limited to the party so it will bring in an influx of regulars who want to see the decorations, food offerings, ride all of the overlays, etc.

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