Sept 2019 vs Jan/Feb 2020

Hey, folks!

You all are a super helpful group so I thought I’d ask. I have a vacation booked for labor day week, expecting low crowds but then SW and Food and Wine happened. If you were me, would you keep that reservation or go in February 2020 instead?

From everything I’ve seen, once they open up Rise of the Resistance, all of this SWGE buzz will start right up again and will probably make February just as busy as it’s going to be this September. The only difference is that you’ll get to experience both rides. Some on Touring Plans think that they’ll delay Rise of the Resistance in order to help increase crowds for February. I was contemplating February as well but decided to just roll the dice on September.


I’m booked for mid October and am still on the fence. I too am still leaning towards keeping the current reservations, but did spend the extra money to purchase refundable airline tickets just in case SW creates unexpected side effects.