Sensory overload escapes in the Parks?

Hi All,

We’re back in the World for first time in four years. DS10 is having a hard time with overstimulation, especially during meal times.

We’ll be at Epcot and MK the next four days. Can I ask for your tips for any quiet corners or refuges, preferably with air conditioning? My mom (DM70?) is with us and is a Disney Visa cardholder. Are those lounges still a thing? Thanks for any advice!


I highly recommend following DIntroverts on Instagram. He’s got lots of suggestions for quiet places to escape.


In Epcot I love going to sit down by the water at the bridge from France to UK. It’s not air conditioned but it’s so serene. There’s not often anyone else there. It’s one of my favorite spots

At MK, also not air conditioned but definitely quiet, there’s a little sunken area between CoP and the stage in Tomorrowland. It’s sort of behind the stage and really easy to miss. I’ve never encountered anyone else there. Great place to decompress for a moment.

Also the rocking chairs on Tom Sawyer Island, but not quick to get to and not air conditioned.


I think sometimes the constant “hype” can cause kids to get over-stimulated.

For MK, Tom Sawyer Island is a fun place for him to destress. Maybe an hour or two there would help.

Also little spots like the seats at the end of one of the alleys off Main St. Or the FL station where you can sit down too - and then just ride the train round.

At Epcot, there are benches on n the entrance to the Temple in the China pavilion, and also outside the Circlevision theatre in the Canadian pavilion. Both are quite cool too. Watching the trains in Germany could help him just avoid all the bustle. Or sitting and watching the ducks. There also used to be seats near the bandstand in the UK pavilion.


Thank you @StinsyLinson , @OBNurseNH & @Nicky_S. Will give them a shot.


I was typing from my phone yesterday - but here’s the link to his insta handle:
Here’s got stories pinned to his profile for Quiet Spots at all 4 parks!


I like the area behind the Christmas shoppe in MK as long as it’s not around parade time. Epcot the Morocco pavilion used to be a great spot but it’s under construction at the moment. Would a boring, air conditioned ride work? People mover is very calming for me, and living with the land. Or the liberty riverboat. There are spots to sit in the aquarium too, and the blue from the water is very calming. Good luck!


Thanks @FOMOm_VA!

DS10 did ok most of yesterday in Epcot. We have been using his over ear headphones and his sleep music playlist to get through the tougher moments. Tomorrow is MK which can be a lot for anyone (including myself). Really grateful for all the tips!


Back in story book Circus can usually find a quiet area. We ate in the balcony of Pinocchio village house two days ago. Was shaded so not too hot but was a quiet spot. Back by Tiana’s is kind of quiet since it’s not open yet.

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