Senses Spa

My mom and I are coming down for a quick trip in Feb. I have a few things booked but have been looking for information on the Senses Spa. We arrive on Thurs and have Epcot planned. Friday is really a free day but looked into going to AK that am. Go back to hotel (Polynesian) and enjoy the resort, rest, and dinner at Ohana, and then heading to HS for late night. We would have plenty of time for the spa (looking at couple massage for her and I). Any suggestions? Is it worth the $$$$? Any tips? Ideas?

I just back back for staying at the GF and although the spa wasn’t on the agenda, I did learn that it’s off the convention center. My guess is that it’s pretty nice since the hotel officially changed its name to Resort and Spa. Would be interested to hear your thoughts if you go!

I very much enjoyed my pedicure and massage at Senses at GF. It’s a beautiful place. Give yourself plenty of time (an hour or two at least, to enjoy amenities there- steam room, whirlpool, lounge, warming chair…look for the Hidden Mickey on the wall while you’re soaking in the hot tub;)

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