Senses spa music

Does anyone happen to know where to find a list of songs they play in the Senses Spa / Rainforest Room on the Fantasy? There are a couple of songs I’d love to add to my relaxation playlists. Should’ve asked when I was there last week. Thanks!


They used to use ‘Time to Spa’. Doug Walker – Time To Spa (2000, CD) - Discogs

Not sure if they’ve updated in the past few years, but take a listen and see if it matches. There’s an expanded version on Spotify at Yoga Voyage, Healing Music for Living Strong - Album by Doug Walker | Spotify.

(Edited, I posted the wrong ‘Time to Spa’ link the first time)


Where did you find that info! I tried searching (albeit not for very long due to crazy here at work) and just kept hitting dead ends when my searches were bringing up general spa senses music LOL

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Old message board discussions on another forum - Disney Dream Senses spa used to sell that CD in their gift shops


Thanks! I’ll take a listen and see. There’s one song I just loved.

So some of these Doug Walker songs are definitely still being used, and I was able to locate several I liked. The main one I was hoping to find is called Silent Moon by Jia Peng Fang - someone in the Disney Cruise Line Facebook group was able to identify it from a video clip I had. Thanks so much for your help!

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