Semi Urgent Droid Depot Question!

Hi All, I have friends whose trip was got extremely derailed by the flight issues this weekend in Orlando. I was able to get a new droid depot appointment for their daughter for tomorrow, by adding her name as a person on my friends and family and booking with my credit card. Will that be an issue for them to get in? They have the confirmation number and her name is on the appointment but the card and other contact info is mine. They are very nervous it won’t work. Any help appreciated! Thanks!!

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Did you do it by adding her daughters profile (managed under your friends account) under “friends and family” or by making a separate thing with her daughters name in your account?

When I went May 2021 you check in outside - can’t remember if they had to scan a band or just give them the name of the kid - and then you pay inside after they select the package. So your credit card thing wouldn’t be charged and they will be able to pay for it / they won’t need your card to pay.

Should not be a problem at all.

They don’t care who pays, so long as someone pays. Your card is on file in case of no-show; they can pay how they like once there. And if her name is on the reservation you should be fine

We did not scan we just gave our name last summer

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@OBNurseNH and @WildernessLodger thank you so much!! :smile: they will be so relieved