Selling or giving unused tickets

I’m sure this has been asked, but if you have tickets for like mnsshp or even park tickets not purchased thru disney, if I had to give or sell to someone, could I just unlink on MDE and then the receiver of tickets could link to their account and be okay? and these are completely not used. tickets purchased through UT and expire in 2021. sadly I may have to cancel my September trip and I would probably gift these, but want to make sure the receiver had no issues

That should be no problem. Yesterday, I unlinked a ticket on my account and reassigned it to another person. Now, both people are on my MDE account. I think you’ll need to be the one overseeing both people’s accounts.

thanks. not sure why I bought mnsshp tix in advance other than FOMO. Oh well, I may have to just give those away if we end up not going

Whether you sell them or give them away is your choice. In my case, I had purchased a ticket at the request of one person, but they bailed on me. So, I let folks in the family know I had a ticket should anyone be planning to go in the time before it expired. I had a taker in the next month so I created a profile for the new person and reassigned the ticket to them.

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