Sell me on October in WDW

So the family finally decided on a month that works for everyone. (9 of us) and they picked October 2018. I’ve never been in October. We usually go late April to mid May. What can you tell me about October in the world?

I enjoy October and have been the last two years–just got back. Also did Oct in 2010. Crowds are definitely larger now than they were in 2010. We’ve always done the first week of Oct. It can be HOT and was very hot several days last week. Bonus is free dining if you check in the last day or two of September. If you look at the crowd calendar, there have been several 10 CL levels this week. The end of Oct is probably less crowded. Fall breaks fall in October. I figure, Disney World is always crowded. Just have a plan, make use of those additional FPs.

You also have to contend with MNSSHP. Four days out of 7 MK closes at 7:00 because of the party. It’s hard to park hop because all parks are closing at the same time and MK is closing early.

Looking for less crowds so end of month maybe better? We don’t park hop so that’s not an issue. Staying off-site so I’m jeopardizing getting fpp for the major headliners but the savings outweigh that. Would love to add EMM but I think I’m giving that up too as I believe they don’t offer it during mnsshp. Not sure based on reviews that we are mnsshp kind of folks but then again we never tried it.

We go Oct have done for thr last 8 years last 2 weeks we’re from the UK so have 14 day all park tickets plus we buy “not so scarry” it can be busy at times we are very rarely there between midday and say 3.00pm we rope drop most days. We go to a park every day :blush: While we’ve never been at any other times I doubt we would change as it perfect for us.

If I was recommending to anyone I would say October



We’ve been in October quite a few times, both at the start and the end of the month. The weather is usually great - the main hurricane season has ended and it’s still nice and warm but not as humid as during the summer (a bit like May really). One main draw for us is the Food & Wine Festival! Absolutely love it, and this alone makes October a great time to go!

Crowd wise it’s certainly a lot busier now than it used to be but with a decent touring plan you still have minimal waits, and there are no problems finding 4th Fastpasses for the vast majority of attractions. The Magic Kingdom party nights are easy to work around. If you choose not to go to one of the MNSSHP parties you still get the benefit of a Halloween decorated park, which is absolutely beautiful.

I know this may not be the answer but here is my look on when to go - It’s Walt Disney World!!! ANYTIME IS GOOD.

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