Sell Disney Springs to me

Am starting to schedule next year’s trip. My spoilt student who has been to WDW more times than any of you was telling me how great it is. She mentioned shopping a lot.

Why would I go there? Where’s the best place for dinner (that accepts DDP)?

There are quite a few great places to eat. My daughters favorite is Raglan Road for food and entertainment, but there have been so many great additions.


We like Homecomin’ and Morimotos. My daughter likes to shop there, but my son often stays at the resort when we go as he thinks it is boring. It really is just an upscale mall.


We like Disney Springs for the atmosphere. It feels Disney even though it really is just shopping. I suppose if you haven’t yet done Disney, it may not feel special, but we usually start our trips with a visit to Disney Springs. The evening is particularly romantic (not in the relational sense).

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we didnt spend much time there. just the very first evening of our trip. we did love D-Luxe Burger, and then World of Disney. but will probably spend even less time there next trip I’d guess. maybe one meal, but not a priority.

Raglan Road is our go-to restaurant at Disney Springs. Yummy food and Irish entertainment. There are some neat stores there, too. The LEGO store is one of our favorites.

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We love Disney Springs! I find it to be very festive with live music and tons of people watching. Uniqlo was awesome! We have eaten at Homecomin’, Polite Pig, and D-Luxe Burger, all of which I highly recommend! I would add DS to your “must do” list for your summer trip.

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I’m not a fan–it’s just a nice crowded outdoor mall by the water. There are some good restaurants (we liked Raglan Road) and it is festive at night. I wouldn’t consider going in the day. We stayed at POR and took the boat over a couple of times, which was nice. My teens liked it and want to go back this next trip. We will eat at Homecoming and also do The VOID. Otherwise, I’d skip unless you are into shopping (I am not).

I’m not a fan of shopping either. So we didn’t make plans around DS last trip. This trip we are going before MVMCP to eat at Homecoming and boys go to Void (since you are not Star Wars fan you may be able to check out new Wreck it Ralph coming soon) while DD does BBB. I also hear Boathouse gets high praise (@lizzieanne771!) lots of new restaurants coming in. Maybe check out the Edison? Moromito? We haven’t been to either but I get slightly obsessed with food reviews and both have gotten good feedback.

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I recommend Homecoming. The chicken Is delicious. Save room for the Hummingbird cake, it’s amazing! I think this is my favorite dessert anywhere on property.

I also really love Raglan Road too! the brunch with the Irish step dancers is really fun!


I like Disney springs for the spontaneity. I explain: last Disney Trip, a few evenings had nothing planned. After a break one afternoon, we did not feel like going back to the parks. We grabbed a reservation on Open Tables, walked around, had a nice dinner and wine and then took the bus back. It was a great break.

Stripped of all the Disney trappings, it’s a very large outdoor mall. But it’s a beautiful one, with the “Disney difference”. Most of the stores are typical mall fare, but there are some unique Disney one sprinkled in. There aremany very good restaurants; some upscale chains and some unique to DS. If it fits into your schedule, I think it’s definitely worth a visit. I typically go on arrival or departure day when I don’t want to use a park ticket for a partial day. I also sometime go “after hours” on an early park closure day.

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We go mainly for the food - Raglan Road is amazing, I’m looking forward to trying Homecoming, and there are lots of other options.

I love shopping at World of Disney because you can get everything there but don’t bother with the other shops except the Christmas shop - I love Christmas!

It’s really pretty at night. If we can still do Star Wars at the Void next summer I’m planning on that.

Yes, I adore Boathouse! Amazing food (even for those of us with food allergies!!), friendly service, great views from outside!! Just amazing!