Selfish? (first forum post, hope I do it right)

I have been to Disneyworld 2x when I was little and never got a chance to meet Cinderella. We didn’t get to do much and was only there few 2 or 3 days each because my mother could not afford it. Now that I am older and with children of my own they have been several times and and for at least 1 week minimum stays each (I feel very blessed and thankful that we are able to go as much as we do, even though kids don’t understand it). I have YET to meet Cinderella! I have 2 boys that are 10 and 8, and not for girly stuff at all. Neither is my husband but I know he would do whatever makes me happy. I have 1900 Park Fare booked with my first chance to see Cinderella! Big deal for me! Am I torturing my boys by taking them there? Or am I just being selfish? It’s okay to make something about me and not my kids on this trip? Isn’t it?


R u kidding me? Of course it is ok!! And if not YOU go meet Cinderella and DDad can take the boys and meet u later!! That way everyone is happy and u get your long awaited meet!! I say go for it!! Life is to short to wait!! Enjoy!


DO IT! I wouldn’t have them separate though, even if they moan and groan. It is good for kids to do things to make mom and dad happy every once in awhile! I think it is a huge character builder. If they moan and groan, laugh, smile and tell them “thank you for doing this for me, I love you for it” and show them how much fun you are having!


1900 Park Fare is a good way to do that. I dined with a friend’s family, which included his then 5 and 7 year old boys. During the meal, the younger boy enjoyed stuffing his face full of gummy bears from the buffet, while the older once danced with one of Cinderella’s stepsisters. The character interactions there are among the best on property, but even if the kids aren’t interested in that, then they’ll probably find enough food to enjoy the experience.


Thanks for making me feel better! I kept second guessing myself and I am sticking to it this time! I would rather them be with me. They will just suck it up and do it with me. =)


I was surprised how much my DS12 loved CRT and all the attention from the princesses. I booked the meal for myself but I think he had the most fun! Enjoy!


I also have two boys. They had just turned 10 and 7 when we did our first family trip. I planned most of things around them, but realized about halfway through our trip that they loved seeing me enjoy the younger or more girly things. Boys that age can be surprisingly sweet to their mamas. They’ve already said that 1900 Park Fair breakfast is something they want to do with me if we get to do another family trip someday. They know I love Alice and Mary Poppins. :slight_smile: So please don’t feel guilty. I bet your boys will want you to do some just-for-you things as well.


My DS(11 at the time) humored me with 1900 PF breakfast on our last trip. I was excited to see mary Poppins and Alice. As it happens, he had the best time with the Mad Hatter and still talk about it.

On our honeymoon, DH and I did CRT so I can see the princesses. As it happens… We have a whole section of our honeymoon album of my DH schmoozing with all the gals. ON OUR HONEYMOON. LOL.

So you never know.


I agree with everyone else… There’s always something to enjoy for those not entirely into any specific thing.

Our 11yo son grumbled a bit for some things when we talked about them, but you could see he really loved each at the time. Especially when the Step sisters laser-focused on him at 1900PF. :wink:

These trips are about all of you - enjoy yourself!

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No guilt needed. It is a fun buffet. The step sisters are the best, let on the your oldest might be available for a marriage. Lady Termaine was my favorite. Decent food, lots to pick from. The boys will be fine.

It is YOUR vacation too. Enjoy it, and do NOT forget to tell us all about it. :wink: