Selfie Stick? Thoughts

I saw on Facebook a thing about selfie sticks in disney world… Has anyone seen people using them? I really only like the idea if you are truly taking a selfie with a character. But it said something about people using them on rides and during fireworks and shows. My phone is a pain to take a selfie with because its so big (iPhone 6plus)… Just wondering your thoughts on it…

Some reports in chat have indicated that folks are becoming quite annoying with the selfie sticks. I guess I can see how they would be nice to use with me, DH and DD when taking a pic around a nice F&G exhibit, for example. But I think it is the folks that don’t have sense enough to know that when you are in a crowd using them at parades, for fireworks, or on rides, you could be hindering the view for others. Similar to the complaints I have seen here about folks using their tablets to take pictures or film video.

I just took a solo trip this January and brought a selfie stick so that I could get some shots without having to find a cast member. I used it sparingly and when I did, I took great care as to not disturb the views for other guests. I don’t have an issue with them but I could understand how they could become annoying if used without regard for others, just like anything else.

WDW is probably the last place in the world anyone would “need” a selfie stick. There are cast members everywhere you go who will be happy to take a picture for you. And generally, other park guests will also be happy to help.

I haven’t witnessed it personally, as selfie sticks weren’t really a “thing” when I went in 2013. But I’ve heard stories of people using them on rides. I hope nobody is foolish enough to try a selfie stick on a roller coaster; that’s a great way for someone to get seriously hurt.