Selecting 2 different Genie+ attractions at the same time?

At 7am, I want to first grab G+ for Splash Mountain for 2 of my party members and then BTMR for 2 other members around the same time (if I can find it). Will this be allowed or will G+ say I’m not eligible to select more attractions until Splash is used up/120 min have past since park opening?

On a related note, if I can do the above, does that mean I won’t be able to make the next G+ Selections for the entire group (ie Haunted Mansion for all) till both groups have tapped in or 120 min have past?

But if the 2 groups still want to do different things, their respective G+ usage won’t interfere with each other? Splash group can select POTC after they tap for Splash but BTMR can select JC after they tap for BTMR?

I’ve been reading up on G+ like mad to prepare for our upcoming trip but I haven’t seen any references to what happens in the above scenario where people want different things. I’ve read that you select party members at the very end of the G+ selection process but is G+ “smart” enough to realize when other party members didn’t make a selection yet and allow me to obtain a different selection for them?

I’m both excited and terrified about our upcoming trip due to G+. It’ll be our first trip back since COVID and the major planner in me is freaking out about the uncertainty of what I can get each day. The strategies/info shared in this forum are amazing!

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Yes you can get different attractions for the same time for different people, and yes, if you want to book the same attraction at the same time for the whole group after that, you have to wait until all have tapped in or it’s 120 mins past opening (or last booking if it’s later in the day), whichever is sooner. Or you can keep both parties on separate schedules.

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Thank you! This was making me so nervous!!!

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