Seeking Suggestions. Memorable Places to Dine

Some of you know - I love a good table service spot. My trips are usually filled with them. I have dined at most of the Signature restaurants except the big ones at GF and EPCOT. And because my upcoming trip will be a little less ADR forward, I am looking to reserve just one more “memorable” spot. My original choice was Narcoossee’s. For atmosphere and fireworks viewing. (Haven’t dined there since the mid 2000’s.) And I’ve been having a sucker of a time getting a reservation. Finally, @OBNurseNH was like - Yeah, well. You do know Narcoossee’s is closed for refurbishment, right.:laughing:
I currently have Citricos reserved (a first), but feel iffy about it. Seems stuffy … and I will be solo.
Also hoarding a dinner ADR for Sanaa. (also a first.)

Suggestions, please. :person_tipping_hand:
Doesn’t have to be fancy - just Disney memorable. To give you an idea - some of my favorite Disney memorables are Tony’s, ‘Ohana, California Grill, Paddlefish (especially when it was Fulton’s), Liberty Tree, Jiko, Tiffins,and Sci Fi…
It can be a repeat - like 50’s, Space 220, Skipper Canteen. And in that case, just help me remember why it’s so memorable.


Jiko would be my choice


Thanks, @gabmom. Tell me why.

I would legit choose Jiko just for this …


I am clearly on an appetizer run today, but I would go to Citricos, sit in the lounge and get the Duck Tagliatelle appetizer. Either appetizer size or have them upsize it. It is my favorite dish on property.

Citricos is formal, but IMO it is too bright and pretty to be stuffy. I like the lounge because it is one step more casual.

Now I want to do a monorail progressive dinner with the steak and eggs from Steakhouse 71 and the duck app from Citricos!


Lotus Blossom Cafe in Epcot has tables…

Or is that not what you had in mind? :laughing:


I was not aware this cute spot even existed. If nothing else, you educated me. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Feeling better already … :heart:


In all fairness, the two times I have been there, my waiter and the the bartender were both VERY formal. A bit upight. I don"t want to steer you wrong.

The space is beautiful- in a Mary Poppins - proper but welcoming kind of way.


Some people mock it. But if you want a filling fast-food Chinese option, it works. My wife and I enjoyed it…but we aren’t into fancy food!

(But…I posted it mostly as a joke, since it is kind of the opposite of what you were looking for!)


At Citricos I prefer the cocktails (the orange blossom martini might be my favorite drink in wdw) and app to any entree,

I too go to Jiko for the wild boar app, and I usually enjoy dessert too. Overall, I think Tiffins would be our choice over Jiko these days.

Came back to clarify. I will add, if Narcoossee is open on another trip, don’t miss it. I can’t wait to return.




I think my three most memorable meals at WDW were and this is not that helpful since one is not an option and another you’ve already done:

  1. Highway in the Sky Dine Around - I desperately wish they still did this, it was so much fun…it wasn’t even the food that was so memorable, just the experience as a whole

  2. Space 220 - the food was absolutely delicious and the experience was fun - I think what makes it so memorable was that my mom still talks about what an amazing experience it was. She loved every minute of it and still declares it the best meal she’s had at WDW

  3. Storybook Dining at Artist Point - I surprise even myself by putting this on the list - because at the end of the day it is a character meal. The vibe and the character interactions were just top notch for us. Plus, I still think about that Mushroom Bisque ALL THE TIME.


This is one of my family’s must-do’s every trip.

DS loved the applesauce, DH and I loved the food and drink. The tables can fill up fast-ish with people just looking for shade which is only irritating when carrying a tray of drinks trying to find a spot.

Adding to the discussion, I love Cosmic Rays. That had a great selection, including healthier options. We also love visiting Sunny and hearing a song or two.


I’d consider keeping Citricos since you haven’t done it yet. We went with littles and although the waiter was very proper, he was good with the kids and kept it from being too hoity toity. And the salads and desserts were killer.

  1. Cinderella’s is very memorable, if you haven’t been
  2. Space 220

we went to the Yachtsmen at YCR recently and were very impressed w/ food and service.


Well, I’ll say it, but I know I’m not the first one thinking it:
Hoop De Doo.


Disney bucket list. I hear his set in Sorcerer radio, but have never seen him “live.” :laughing:
Does he play at certain times?

I’ve been eyeing that strawberry salad.


You won’t regret that (DW had it). I had the house salad. It was amazing too. So was the truffle mac and cheese and the smoked cauliflower.

Entrees were good not great, but we spent so much time with DD(then 3) in the potty that it was hard to tell whether the distrupted meal made them less good or if they were actually slightly below the Topolino’s/Jiko level of quality.


I would say entrees are slightly below Topolino’s Jiko, but the apps amd deserts are top notch.

Also, completely agree with the description of the wait staff!