Seeking recommendations for All Star Movies rooms

For spring break in April, we are going with ASMo for the first time. It will be me, my mom and my youngest 3 kids in two connected rooms and another room for friends traveling with us. We all have preferred category. Obviously we may have to go with wherever they can get 3 rooms together, but I just wondered if anyone has any recommendations for where in the resort to request as we have never stayed there before. The only themes I think my kids (12,8,4) would recognize there are Toy Story and 101 Dalmatians. I’d kind of like to request first floor since we will be dealing with a stroller, but if there is a lot of noise from above I’d rather use the elevator for a quieter room. I know @ppehap has experience with ASMo. What would you or anyone else recommend that we request?

Have all the fun! We actually had four rooms all together in 2018, w/ two sets connecting. Originally they had split us and put us up but I went to the desk upon arrival and did some explaining (we had preferred too) and we got a really good area. I don’t remember the room numbers (but marked the location on the map) but it was ground floor, close to busses, pool and food court.

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Thanks! Was that a fairly quiet area despite being ground floor? Looks like it might be. Was there any noise coming from the floor above? And what are the things on the ends of each wing, stairs? Or just decorative? Also, for getting to buses, is it better to be toward one side or the other of the main building, or did you just walk through?

It was a really quiet area. I think we only heard walkers occasionally. The ends of that building have decorative stairwells, I believe they were fire hydrants b/c it’s the Dalmatian bldgs. As far as walking to busses the bus stops are all in front. We walked through the building for bus stops and if catching a Lyft we walked outside to the north of the building. I know many have complained of hearing neighbors in Pop but we’ve never experienced that at All Stars and we’ve stayed there many times over the years and always on a ground floor. When our kids were younger they loved exploring the grounds at Movies to see all the larger than life characters. We have lots of fun pictures around the grounds too.

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To be honest, if you really want the three rooms together I would consider making that your only request. Make sure you put the same request on each reservation.

At least make it clear that your most important request is the connecting rooms and the third nearby.

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Thanks, that pretty much what I did. For our reservation I suggested a few groups of rooms but emphasized just connecting and close to the other res as most important . For their room, I only requested to be near us. I’ll report back on how it turned out!