Seeking Input on AKL Room Options


Wife, son (14), and I are going to be enjoying an extended stay at AKL in Summer 2015. This is our first trip to AKL but our umpteenth trip to the World. We’ll be spending considerable time at the resort and are seeking input on three room options we’re considering: Standard King/Daybed; Arusha King/Queen; Club King/Daybed. Not familiar with daybeds. Are they comfortable for a teenage boy for more than a week? Which room option provides the most bang for the buck? (Admittedly both a relative and personal opinion but interested in feedback from those in the know.)


Hi there! My only stay at AKL was in a savanna-view DVC studio villa at Kidani. DH and I loved it!!! However, we wouldn’t go back unless we were staying savanna-view again. Personally, I’d rule out the standard room - it’s so magical to see the animals from your balcony!

We had a standard view and had a ton of animals outside our balcony. Of course you might also get parking lot lol. We loved the resort though it’s amazing.

Definitely do a savannah view room- there’s nothing like watching the animals from your balcony early in the morning with your cuppa.

If he uses a twin bed at home he should be fine in the daybed.

If it were my trip I’d do club king/daybed. Because 14 year old boys usually
Like to eat- a lot- and the club lounge will be a handy escape for him and for you, too :slight_smile:


MouseSavers did a write up on Club level, and their general opinion was that it wasn’t worth it because there were a lot things that you could do with the extra costs that were a lot better value to money.

I LOVE AKL, but I think I would really miss the savannah view if I didn’t have it; to me, that’s what makes AKL special. I don’t do CL because I’m typically not in the resort long enough to make it worthwhile. Of the three choices, I would go with the Arusha room.

We decided to upgrade to the Arusha view and requested the king/queen option. Price difference to upgrade from standard king/daybed to Arusha king/queen was $150/night but to upgrade from standard king/daybed to club king/daybed was $182/night. That outlay for the same room was deemed too steep a price. Although there is little difference in upgrade costs for the two options, ultimately space wins out over appetizers and drinks. Crossing fingers we’re able to get the room combination we want. We’ll see. Appreciate everyone’s feedback. Thanks everyone!

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Outer, do you remember your room number? Were you close to the pool? I’m staying in a standard villa and I’m hoping for at least a partial Savannah view. But I must be close to the pool.

I’ll have to go back and see if I can find it. We weren’t in a villa though just a standard view room.

@Outer1 I was just wondering if you found out your room number. I have a standard studio booked. It sounds like you had a great room.

Oh yes sorry. I looked the other day and I believe it was 4326.