Seeking Costco travel experiences

I’m a Costco executive member plus I have the Costco credit card. I got the credit card and executive membership in anticipation of my family’s upcoming December 2020 Disney vacation. We will be staying off property because a deal via Costco gets us a good neighbor hotel in Disney Springs area (including extra magic hours, 60 day FP reservations, and waived hotel resort fees and hotel parking) with disney tickets for a price nearly $2,000 less than what it costs to stay at Art of Animation alone during the same time period. The cancellation fees, and booking process is pretty easy and self explanatory.

What I am wanting is to hear from the Tour Plans community regarding your Disney World vacation experiences with using Costco Travel as your primary booking agent.

Thank you in advance.

My boss did a trip through Costco last October. They picked “B Resort & Spa” as their hotel. Other than the parks being too crowed, this was school fall break week, she says the trip went smoothly. They got 5 days in the parks / 6 nights with hotel - no flight - for 2 adults + 1 child for a little more than $2,000

They did qualify for 60 day FPP with being able to book all of them at 60 days. (I actually booked them for her, since this was their first trip)

I asked her about it before responding to you and she had zero issues / complaints

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