See Ya Flying Tires

Not sure what you DLR people thinks about this but I was underwhelmed.

Can’t say I’d be sad to see it go. It was a rehash of an old idea…didn’t work then, doesn’t work now.

I heard that. Did Walt have something to do w the first version?

While it looked fun I have to say it was kinda lame. Although I did notice the guys liked it because on our trip it blew up some ladies dress!! LOL

Too funny

Didn’t get to DLR until well after the flying saucers were gone, but having ridden Luigi’s (once) I’ll have to say it was one of the worst Disney rides I’ve been on. I got the “knack” of getting the tire to move, but I got shoved into a corner surrounded by a dozen or more who DIDN’T. My entire ride was crossing the rink once, and then sitting in one spot for the rest of the ride. FAIL.

I’m not surprised to hear this, as there seemed to be complaints from the day this attraction opened. I only rode once and actually enjoyed the ride. I had no trouble controlling the tire and rode with other people I knew, so it was fun running into them, kind of like bumper cars, but in slow motion. If they’re just shutting the ride down, then I would be disappointed. If they’re replacing the attraction, then that will probably be a good thing.

It doesn’t sound like the Flying Saucers were Walt’s original plan. From what I can gather he was looking for an attraction to replace the Phantom Boats, and the project morphed into the ill fated Flying Saucers.

Agree, not surprising and not much of a loss, but it could be fun once you got the hang of it and didn’t get trapped by other riders.

Excited about the new ride speculation!