What sort of security do they have at the parks? Metal detectors? How can they stop some crazy person from getting in and doing the unthinkable?

There are metal detectors but as of January (our last visit) it was just random screening. No rhyme or reason to who went through it.

There are plain clothes (my understanding) as well as uniformed security at each park.

Hopefully the folks at Disney have trained for worst case scenarios and can react fast. The bag checkers are always very professional and give me a sense of security when I’m at the parks. They’re basically the first line of defense.

In reality we can only minimise risks whether its wdw or going to Walmart. Nothing will stop crazy or others but it can be made very very difficult for them. At uni everyone is full body screened/metal detectors and has been for months.

True, but Disney would be a bigger target than your local WalMart. With the event that happened in Orlando this weekend, I can’t help but wonder what security measures are already in place and what is to come.

Unfortunately no-where can be 100% safe…but you just have to be vigilant and carry on with doing stuff weather at Disney or the supermarket, otherwise they have won, they want to create fear and confusion…don’t let them.


Wdw does not publicise its security for very good reasons. You are correct about it being a potential target in fact after 9/11 it was identified as such and put on a list that contained among others NY stock exchange. WDW is one of the very few non gvmt areas where there is a no fly zone. If they were to make public security then that would only help potential perpetrators. Be assured wdw is probably one of the safest places to vacation in usa at present.


So much this. So very very much this.

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we’ve just come back from Orlando (we flew the day of the shootings actually :cry:… and even before the shootings i said to my husband that somewhere like Disney would be a huge target…every day we had our bags checked BUT they relied on me giving them all the bags to be checked… i could’ve easily left one under the stroller…they never checked the stroller and i wasn’t asked to go through a screening machine thingy. It makes me wonder how easy it would be for an evil person to do something awful. There are so many people entering the parks that its such a task to really thoroughly check everyone. It makes me wonder if we should come next year

They probably also have cameras EVERYWHERE. I know they have them on rides, even dark rides, and see all. I think if anyone tried to pull out a weapon there’d be a security team on them faster than anywhere else. Their reputation and bottom line relies on people feeling safe in their resort.

Disney does a great job of doing what they can do. I believe they have more eyes on things than we will ever know (and that’s the way it should be).

I choose to live my life. It’s a scary world, don’t get me wrong, but I refuse to be held prisoner by my fears. And, right or wrong, I think about the fact that - were I to be victim in some situation like WDW - my final moments may be riddled with fear, but my last hours were spent living life to the fullest.