Security updates?

I understand they’ve moved security entrances since I was last there in 2016. What’s the set up now? Usually stay at DLH, sometimes GC. Do the people coming in on the trams have their own security?

Yes. If coming from DLH, there is security just before entering DTD. When coming from GCH, it is at the entrance to DCA (like before) and in the hallway as you exit GCH and about to enter DTD. Not sure where the tram security is though.

Is the DLH security check generally less crowded than what used to be at the other end of downtown Disney?

Yes. Although we hit it a few times where it was pretty busy.

Yes those coming from the parking garage have security prior to boarding (& I think even queuing up for) the trams. Not sure exactly where since I haven’t come that direction since the change-up.

When we stayed at Paradise Pier in early 2017 they had several hotel guest only lines at the security between DLH & DTD where you had to show your room key to get through. That security tent does serve both DLH & PP guests but was never jam packed even on a holiday race weekend. (The rest of DTD was definitely packed though).

Depending on when you go this year note that construction will be rampid on the DLH side of DTD with a new parking garage, on-site hotel & a general uplift of all of DTD.

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Hmmmm? when we went in January I did not see any lines specific for hotel guests. I wonder if that is an intermittent thing or did I just miss it.

It was over a year ago so I’m sure they’ve changed things up since then. That whole side effectively takes 100% of the traffic coming from PPH & DLH into DTD & the parks so it might just be that they rarely had a non-hotel guest so did away with specific lines for them.

True. That may very well be the case. It will be interesting to see what they do with that this summer.