Security for guests at GC

If you are a guest at GC, where do you go through security to get into DTD? Is there a security entrance for the DCA entrance and for DTD entrance? We were talking about construction near DLH and dreaming about staying at the grand instead. I’ve heard people talk about entering DCA from GC, but never how to get into downtown Disney (or the main gate instead of the DCA entrance)

The is a corridor that lets you out into DTD. That is where you go through security if heading to DTD, DL or DCA main gate. I want to say near Sephora, but not remember if that is where it is for sure.

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I’m trying really hard to remember what’s next to that corridor now so I can accurately describe it… The Anna & Elsa boutique used to be right there and I do think there is a Sephora near that too? I haven’t been to Downtown Disney in recent enough to really be clear on that.

But from the inside of the hotel you follow the signs from the lobby to “Downtown Disney” and you’ll find it & it spits you out in Downtown Disney not too far away from the Esplanade where the parks are.

Yes it is Sephora.

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Is there a security check point at that entrance?

Oops, somehow I missed carthy’s first comment :grimacing:
Is this checkpoint busy or does it get backed up? Is it for only hotel guests like the other one into DCA is?

Because the they are so tight with security at GCH, I would say it is predominately GCH guests, although it is not exclusive to the guests. Someone dining at the hotel or visiting the lobby maybe using it as well. They don’t require you to show a room key as they would if using the entrance to DCA in the morning. It can get clogged up with guests during the morning rush, but other than that, very little wait.

Thank you. I often forget to look around when I am there, so it was a litt Foggy!

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All I remember is that it is across from Hagen Daz. It is our cue to get an ice cream.

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I am the same way!! And the last couple of times we’ve needed to venture to DTD I usually stay back with the kids in the park playing (usually Redwood Creek Challenge Trail) while the hubby runs & grabs whatever it is form DTD that we need.

yes, right across for Haagen Dazs. last time we were there (2016) was before DTD was inside security though.