Second week of MAY 2018

going for 6 days in may. (may 6-11) keep getting emails stating that crowd levels are dropping, which is great. My only worry is that i look at the “how we did yesterday” and it has been quoted about 2-3 levels lower than the actual day ends up being. over the 6 days, it shows a 2-6 for all days. what can i realistically expect? We have been to Disneyland twice in the past year, but first time at Disneyworld. (thanks credit card points!) thanks for your help.

I have been getting constant changes to the crowd levels for Mar 1 to the 14th. Personally I don’t rely very heavily on them as they seem to be way off this year. Many out here have stated that they get there and the crowds are extreme even when it was only rated at a 4 to 6 that day.

There was an update to the algorithm recently which likely accounts for crowd level adjustments.

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i know there is not a way to be exact, but mostly paid for this membership for the crowd calendar. we will see what happens.

We are going the same week. At this point, I’m making our flexible touring plans and we have our ADRs. All that is left is booking fast passes. We’ve decided to go with whatever crowds are there and not let it stress us out. We won’t be back until 2020/2021 so we are determined to have fun no matter what happens.

sounds like a good plan. we wont be back until 2020 to see star wars and toy story land

what parks are you doing that week, in what order? We are starting with MK, because its our first time, then HS,EP,AK,MK,AK

MK on 5/6, EP, HS, MK, AK and EP. No hopping.

sounds like a good plan. Im not sure if we want to do 2 days at HS or not yet. love the bigger rides, but not too much to do without toy story land.

We are there May 9-13 and I’m concerned about the crowd levels as well. I keep getting the same emails that the levels are dropping, but looking at available rooms on property, I can’t see how the crowds are that low. We always stay at Shades of Green but they are totally booked that Wednesday and Thursday night…and I can’t hardly find anything else in a value or moderate available. Trying not to panic and keep telling myself that a room at SOG will likely open up!

especially Sunday, May 6th. On a WEEKEND shows MK at a 5/10.

You can’t really make a clear judgment based on # rooms available. There is a HUGE number of rooms completely out of inventory at this time due to construction at CBR and CSR as well as a few out for refurb still at Pop. That means fewer rooms available. So “booked solid” today doesn’t mean the same thing as when all rooms are operational

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POFQ and OKW have rooms out for refurb as well!


Oh, I totally agree. It just caught me off guard with the low crowd predictions, the middle of the week booked at SOG, and so little inventory left open on property.

There is also a cheerleading conference the weekend of 5/5 and 5/12. Values will be booked up for that, but may not affect the parks as much.

We went the first week in May 2017. The crowds weren’t too bad, but there were occasional large groups of cheerleaders. If you use your fastpasses wisely and go the opposite way of the cheerleaders when you see them, you should be fine.