Second guessing plan. Should I take advantage of EMH at AK?

We had planned 12.23 AK all day, but now realize AK has EMH (8 am- 9 am), on 12.24. Was going to do HS and Epcot (CDP 5pm) on 12.24. Should I change 12.24 day to AK and Epcot? I had in my head that HS and Epcot would be a better combo? FOP easier FP on EMH day? Would really like to keep AK a stand alone day, but feel like I should take advantage of EMH. I also could look into switching CDP, although I’m guessing that would be difficult.

Travel between HS and Epcot is naturally going to be much easier than AK, but if you’re planning to take a mid-day break anyway, there wouldn’t really be any difference. If that cuts your AK down to just half a day though, I wouldn’t do it. I think HS is a much better half day choice.
Can’t speak to the FOP question.

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Doubtful. On EMH what you are getting an advantage for is not the FP, but the RD. Since MORE people will, overall, being going to AK on the 24th, your chance of FP is actually lower, not higher. But on 12/23 you RD with everyone, not just resort guests.

Personally, I’d stick to the original plan: AK on 12/23 and Epcot/HS on 12/24. But that’s just me.

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Thank you all for the extra boost of confidence on my plan. You reminded me of my original thought process.