Second guessing my plans

My plans were to go to EP on Sun. 10/21 and HS on Mon. 10/22 as the first 2 days of our 5 day trip. I got PPO at Akershus on Sun. And reservations at Hollywood and Vine plus Fantasmic pkg Monday. My fast passes are ok, but no SDD being day 2 of my trip.

Should I flip the 2 days to reduce crowds slightly? As I have it, EP is a CL 6 and HS a 7. If I flip them, HS would be a 6 on Sun. And EP drops to a 5 on Monday…plus F&W would be less crowded on a weekday. We are party of 7 with my parents, niece, and DDs 13, 8, 4.

I dont want to lose ADR especially for Akershus. What are my chances of getting it for party of 7 (res finder) if I choose to reverse the days? We were going to visit World Showcase Sunday p.m., not evening. But will F& W be awful crowds? Is it worth the hassle to switch if I’m 54 days out from trip?

I’m a pro at overanalyzing so, what would you do? Keep current plans or swap days?

I would put a reservation finder for a new Akerhus reservation for the Monday. If you get one, book it.

Then, try to modify your FPP. For example, if you have FEA and really want to do it, modify it to Monday and see if there are any availability. If not, keep it for Sunday.

Those different crowd levels won’t make a huge difference BUT WS will definitely be more crowded on Sunday afternoon than Monday afternoon. I did not mind the crowds on a Sunday afternoon, but some might.

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I agree with MissBelleCA

I have done that :smile: My FPP is not for FEA, since we have early breakfast at Akershus, FEA was our first stop immediately after. We chose Soarin later that morning, showcase all afternoon, then wrap up a few more future world attractions.

I’m more concerned about swapping the HS FPP. I dont have a good time for any tier 1 that day, but decent RNRC and TOT. I think my fear is res finder wont come through until the final week before my trip, if at all at those times. By then FPP will be long gone…This is my first experience with res finder. We were there a few years ago on a Friday afternoon in EP in Oct and crowds were not terrible, which is why I thought this might work. But I’m not hearing much favorable about F&W crowds right now and I’m wondering if I messed up and if this can be fixed.