Second guessing all my decisions at 4 weeks out!?!?!

Does everyone start freaking out at the 30 day mark and under? I just keep thinking that all of my decisions are dumb and thinking I am the biggest idiot for deciding to go Memorial Day weekend. Is this a common feeling?


OMG! I am doing same thing and driving my family crazy!!


Yup. Very Common. Brrrrrrrreeeeewaaaaathe.

You got this. You’ve been planning for, what I can assume, weeks. Even if you choose to COMPLETELY throw your plans out the window the morning of, you have been subconsciously recording all the other stuff you can do. Which means “plan b” options will jump into your head easily.

But you won’t need to abandon them because your plan is solid. You were happy with it and a good plan will negate a sudden CL jump if that happens.

Memorial Day, shememorial day. You’re going to have a great time. Download the lines app, mde app, and keep refreshing the wait times just to continue to stay ahead of the game.


Part of my issue was not getting FPP for times I wanted (needed). Then I had to move days around. THEN we added HS after Hours which meant more moving! Then my oldest decided she is bringing a friend for part of the trip.

And my family says “we trust you!” Then they say “Are we eating at Via Napoli?” or “We have FPP for Peter Pan, correct?” (and we are now a party of 8…for most of the trip)

I think it is like a puzzle trying to put all the parts (dining, shows, FPP) together!!

I still have 2 days of FPP to plan (not yet to 30 day mark for all of trip).

But…all the reading and planning does mean I can make changes on the go with confidence!

Hoping Memorial Day week won’t be as hot as later in the summer…right???


Yes. All the best planners go through this before their trips. The real value of the planning is the knowledge you acquire while you’re doing it. It means you’ll be able to respond quickly and appropriately to events on the ground. Sometimes making big changes if necessary.

As for crowd levels and temperature — they will be what they will be. Nothing you can do about them. So cast them aside. With the knowledge you have it will be difficult not to have an awesome time.


Normal. Carry on


This is the part that gets me, I just need one more person to be a nutty planner in my group of 9 so they can look over my plans and reassure me, I did the best I could.

We are 90 days out, but I will probably share a rough sketch of my plans on here for tips and reassurance. I worry I have over-planned.

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Impossible! You have gathered data and given it a time line. Look over the list and see what items can get skipped if you start running behind schedule. Remember - it’s a vacation; try to have fun!!

I think it is common when you put such a big effort into planning.
I don’t think you are an idiot to go over Memorial Day. We have the past several years and it’s been great. Not slow, but certainly not as busy as some other holidays. It typically has been hot and humid though so just be prepared for that.