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Hi all, I am anxiously awaiting for information about the new Poly tower to come out! Right now I have a direct contract at Riviera. My long term plan was to have one contract at an Epcot area resort (Riviera) and one near Magic Kingdom so when they announced the new Poly tower I was super excited. Anyways, to my question. I have a June use year. I know when you get a second contract, they try to match the use year is that correct? So let’s say the Poly tower goes on sale later this year (December?) when do you get the points? I am looking at maybe buying 100 points. Would I have 100 points immediately and then would get 100 more in June 2025 or do I not get 100 points until June 2025?

When buying direct, yes.

You get the points as soon as you sign the contract with a direct purchase. For my direct purchase we weren’t even back out to the car and my points were in my account.

I don’t know what they have done with the points in a situation as you’ve described. I think they have offered incentives where you basically sell those points for that first year back to DVC for a discount.

I don’t know if they would prorate them if you didn’t want to do that. Not sure about that piece

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Ok thanks! When I bought my Riviera contract it was June or July and I had a June use year so it all worked out fine. If I do end up buying, I’ll report back on how all that worked out.

Points only exist from when sales start.

So if they open sales after June there won’t be June 2024 points. So you would only get June 2025 points onwards.

You can have different use years but that would mean having two memberships.

Edit: if Poly tower is part of existing association, which it should be, this won’t apply.

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When I bought my second contract I put the purchase on my Disney Visa (I was paying cash but I wanted the points). I had the points in my account before I signed anything. I actually think they were banked before I signed anything (August UY purchased in May).

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Great point but was that true for GFV since it was an add on?

GFV part 2 was part of the existing association, so you could get points right away.

Oh wait, we’re talking about the Poly? So if that is part of the existing association that will mean there will be June 2024 points.


But we aren’t 100% sure yet right? Though all signs point to yes?

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