Second annual family trip (delayed report on first)

Next weekend will be my beloved nieces second trip to WDW. My (i guess now annual) gift to her and my brother. I had recommended today or tomorrow, or in two more weeks, based on estimated crowd levels, but they wanted to do a proper birthday visit.

Theyll be doing MK on Saturday, and AK on Sunday. Last year (her first visit) was EP and MK.
At Epcot, her favorite experience was, predictably, meeting Elsa & Anna, and Frozen Ever After. A shame she’ll never know the Maelstrom. She also had a lot of fun at Remy’s, meeting Jasmine in Morrocco, and surprisingly, dancing along to the British Invasion.
Over at Magic Kingdom, her favorite attraction was, amusingly enough, the Mad Tea Party. They were fortunate enough to ride multiple times. The only incident was Big Thunder Mountain. I guess she had no concept of what a roller coaster was, so she was screaming to get off. Hopefully she’ll be willing to give it another try.


Maybe Barnstormer is more her speed (at least for a warm up).

Can’t wait to follow along!


Oh no! How old was she then and how old is she now?
What a wonderful gift !
I hope they have a good trip.

Well if you’re interested i can have a report ready afterwards

My only concern is that this cold snap might discourage the animals on kilimanjaro safaris


Lol! I can rarely handle a live trip report. But latelythe trip reports have been live and my brain just went there.
Post trip trip reorts are usually richer and more my speed anyway.
So share as little or as much as you want :smiley:


The weather should be warming up soon right? Ours will move out by tomorrow evening.


It was two days after her fifth birthday the first time.
This time will be the day after her sixth birthday.

I know I’m never having kids, so I’ll do anything for her and my brother. If could afford an entire week at once, i would do it


Kids are amazing. They dig their way into your heart and it’s like a whole new world.


Its either that or cholesterol


Well i got the report, if anyone is interested


Whatever you would like to share!


I am!


Well, as i said in another topic, its frustrating when people ask your advice, you take the time to condense the necessary info in the UOG for them, and then at the last minute they decide to throw it all out and just wing it.

The day before the trip, they decided to pass on Animal Kingdom and do Hollywood Studios instead. AK was a predicted 5, and they’ve never been there before. DHS was a predicted 6, and the last time they were there they came back complaining about how long the lines were, how few stuff there was to do (compared to the other two parks), and how the e-ticket attractions were regularly offline.

They also had dinner reservations at Rainforest Cafe that they blew off, so thats precious money wasted.


This time around at Magic Kingdom, she LOVED Big Thunder Mountain and Haunted Mansion.

Her highlight of DHS was getting to meet Olaf.

Side rant: Darth Vader is canonically 7 feet tall. David Prowse was 6’6"; with his boots and helmet he was 6’8-9". Far taller than the average human.
My brother (her daddy) is a below average 5’6". They took a picture together. There is at most a six inch difference in height between them.


It is frustrating. And HS hasn’t really changed since their last experience!


Knowledge is a curse

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