Sebastian's @ Caribbean Resort

So, Historically my family would go to Hoop Dee Doo Review on our first day. But since I don’t see that as an option as of yet, I was thinking of a sit down dinner at our resort. I don’t see a children’s menu for Sebastian’s. I know they aren’t adventurous eaters. Do you know if I can order them chicken nuggets :::eye roll::: anyway, even if I don’t see a children’s menu?

They are only serving the family style meal these days (one price). I don’t think there are other options?

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Thank you. That’s what I’m afraid of. I was hoping it was a glitch. I love prefix menus myself but I thought there might be a children’s menu. I’m finding these prefix menu’s don’t accommodate everyone in a family that has 4 separate tastes.

I would definitely not recommend it for a picky eater. I’m not extremely picky, but I didn’t like most of the sides or the salad. It’s a pretty restaurant, but it wouldn’t be a top choice for a large family meal.

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Thank you, I’m noticing that is my problem with these family style meals.

If you are looking for non family style options and not super expensive you might look at Ale & Compass or Beaches & Cream at BC/YC. Whispering Canyon Cafe at WL has both ayce and separate menu items there too.

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My kids loved these places. And also Sanaa at AKL offers kids meals (cheese pizza for the win!)

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Most restaurants do offer some kind of kid-friendly food. When we ate at 'Ohana the first time my son - then 7 - insisted on a cheese pizza. That was one heck of an expensive (and bad) pizza, but he loved it. If it’s family style/per person price you’ll still pay that price even if you get something “lesser” for the kiddo.

Is it different if it is the family pack to go (do they still offer that?) and if it is in the restaurant?

I think they do offer that family dinner thing - I’ll go look for that after.
UPDATE: that was only a summer thing.

As far as usual take-out, I am not sure if that would be modifiable in the same way.