Seaworld with Young Kids

So I know there was another Seaworld post recently, but the OP had slightly older kids so I’m starting a new thread. Thank you everyone for any advice! I will have two boys ages 1 and 4.

My October plans have recently been altered (in a good way!) so that I will now have 9 or 10 nights. Woohoo! We already bought 6 day tickets last year prior to all of the changes so we will have 14 days to use them. But we will have a split stay of 4 nights offsite and then 6 nights onsite, so I was thinking to do 1 day at Seaworld at the beginning of the trip. Sesame Street “land” is opening this spring and I know my kids would love that.

I honestly could potentially just do an entire day at Sesame Street, but am curious if there is much for younger kids elsewhere in the park? Is it just coasters? Should I think about buying the “quick queue” or doing any animal encounters? It looks like they also have Halloween parties… Any locals who have any info on Sesame Street?

Thank you!


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There are dolphin pools and ray pools and a penguin ride/experience.