SeaWorld wait times in August

I’m taking my DS10 to Universal in late August and meeting my sister and her husband. Asked them if they want to hit SeaWorld one day, but they don’t. So, I’m thinking about going after we drop them off at the airport and before we start our drive home. We could probably be at the park around 9:30 am. I would love to RD the park, but that doesn’t look feasible. We are most interested in their coasters since Uni really only has two big ones (love Mummy, but don’t consider it a big one).

Two questions:

  1. How crazy are the crowds? I’m assuming wait times are shorter since park is probably less crowded than WDW or Uni?
  2. How much time should we allot for the park? We have about 8 hours back to NC. Would love to be out of there by 4 pm. Is that feasible?

Thanks for asking! I am hoping for some information.

Bumping this to see if we can get some responses.

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Well, I haven’t been to Sea World since 2009 but my opinion is you can basically achieve what you want to. You can hit the coasters for your first preference, you can see most of it from 8:30 to 4:00 pm. You won’t see it all, each and every show but you will enjoy your day and see enough to feel like you’ve “done the park”.
We are going in Sept when crowds are a little less bu I have never been overwhelmed by any crowds at Sea World. Go and enjoy. The crowds are definitely less than WDW or Univ.

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I have usually visited Seaworld at RD but also popped in to do our favourite rides late afternoon . Parking is easy and the waits are never as long as Disney. Seaworld is easily done in a long morning unless you want to see all the shows. You can have a relaxing time watching the dolphins too. We always visit a few times when in Orlando. Would your family be persuaded to take a taxi to the airport so that you can make RD? Seaworld have their own express system.

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I don’t know what RD means (I’m new) but we did SeaWorld in a day so I think you totally can. Other than the big coasters, the dolphin show I highly recommend. Just pick up a map with showtimes and plan around. Also, my son loved the indoor pet show the most, go figure. We did not have crowd issues at all. In fact, when we’d show up at a show and the stadium would fill up completely I couldn’t figure out where all the ppl came from cause I never saw many walking around lol


You will see that a lot here. Many of us have bad habits from years on Touring Plans chat where you are limited in how much you can post, so everything is in abbreviations. RD is rope drop: getting to the park early so you can be one of the first in the park when they open, or “drop the rope”.

Thanks for the report!

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