SeaWorld Orlando and Busch Gardens Tampa from Dec 21 to Dec 24

Hi Guys,

Our December vacation is coming up, we have only from December 22 to December 24 for our first visit to seaWorld and Busch Gardens. According to the crowd calendar any of those days are a 9/10 when it comes to visiting crowds to those parks.

We have 3 day tickets for any SeaWorld parks, so we are going to visit SeaWorld for one day and BuschGardens for two consecutive days. We know these days are going to be busy no matter what, so we are planning to buy Quick Queue Unlimited for the one day at SeaWorld and for one of the two days at Busch Gardens.

This is what we are planning to do: Sunday Dec 22 SeaWorld, Monday Dec 23 and Tuesday Dec 24 BuschGardens, but I wonder if we are making the best decision.

  1. Saturday, December 21:
    I guess is a Saturday so it’s a busy day for any park. Since it’s a weekend, locals are off from work and usually visit the park on this day.

  2. Sunday, December 22:
    Locals are off from work as well and may visit the park, but I read somewhere that if one has to go to a park on the weekend, Sundays are better than Saturdays.

  3. Monday December 23:
    Seems to be the best day for crowds level, because it’s a Monday, so we are planning to visit BuschGardens on this day with Quick Queue Unlimited.

  4. Tuesday December 24:
    Is a weekday but is Christmas eve; it could have more tourists than the previous days, and some of the locals may have the day off because of the holidays.

Just in case it matters, we are only visiting both parks for their roller coasters.

Not sure if I’m missing any argument.

So which do you guys think is the best day to visit each park?

Thanks in advance!

I have no recent experience (meaning from the past 3 decades) in either park, but if all you want to do are the coasters, there aren’t a lot of those, relatively speaking, so choosing which days to go probably won’t matter much. But, that is a generic answer with no first hand experience.

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I have never gone during a busy season. But our family went to FL in 2014 and didn’t visit WDW at all. We did two days each at SW and BGT and one day Aquatica. Cheetah at BGT was a favorite that we worked for rerides and Manta was to-this-day the most elegant coaster experience ever. Smooth and daring and exceptional.

Your plan for QQ sounds like you will have the upper hand. Enjoy the parks. Sea World is supposedly magnificent at Christmas time.

Also - look on the SW page of DisBoards. They are much more active on these parks over there. Especially Gina.

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Thanks for the replies qwerty6 and ryan1 I truly appreciated any input on this because the days when I can’t change hotels anymore for BG is coming up next week :slight_smile:

qwerty6 your tip about that forum is perfect! I’m joining that forum right now to post the question.

ryan1 I’m with you about SeaWorld, since they only have 3 coasters, but Busch Gardens has a lot of them, and for what I have research at least 4 or 5 of them are really good.

We found the coasters at both parks to be outstanding. And a lot of other rides were a lot of fun, too. And the animal shows and ice skating show and Empire of the Penguins and and and and. It’s not a second tier vacation, from my POV.

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Thanks qwerty6, this trip was going to be only 5 days at Universal Studios, then we added the SeaWorld and Busch Gardens 3 day trip, and now we added one day at Disney Hollywood Studios, so this will be a very packed vacation lol