Seaworld Hours

Anyone know what Seaworld hours are in April?

Nope, not posted, only through this year is on the site.

Yup haven’t been able to find the hours. So how do people like Seaworld. I went as a kid - it looks like there are some really neat things to do there now (please no discussion regarding Blackfish)

Have not been in a couple of years (DDs grew up and don’t want to go any more because of “controversy”) but I think it is a great day out.

Thanks - I think it will be fun. That’s a shame - I personally think the “controversy” is a fallacy - but that is just my opinion.

Yes, Blackfish made many people think SeaWorld was this terrible place when in reality, they were just over-dramatizing the regular and healthy practices of Animal Care. It’s great fun in my opinion. If you go, make sure to hit up Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin as well as Manta, which happens to be my absolute favorite flying coaster.

Cool - thinking about doing it our last day - and would need to leave by 5PM do you think that gives sufficient time? We would be there very close to park open