SeaWorld / Busch Gardens Reopen Dates

I know most of us are WDW/DLR and USF fans, but for anyone planning an Orlando trip you may want to know

SeaWorld Reopens June 15

Busch Gardens - June 11

They’ll both require reservations, masks and other SD procedures


I’m looking forward to Busch Gardens Williamsburg being announced! I’m glad that FL is on its way. I hope we can all stay safe and well.

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Sadly, FL has reported over 1,400 new cases since reopening on Monday! About 400 per day… :sneezing_face::mask:

That 1419 was today’s number, and yesterday’s was 1317. Unfortunately it’s worse than the 400/day.

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Any idea of the demographics?

Oh no! That’s terrible! :slightly_frowning_face:

Sorry… I was just looking at the reporting for the entire state of FL on the Live COVID reporting maps for the US.

(I was actually looking in my own state that went from 150 per day to 500 per day since reopening these last two weeks) :sneezing_face::face_with_thermometer::mask:

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