SeaWorld and Busch Gardens rides

Since we got so much help from this forum for our Florida’s trip, I wanted to share our experiences with some of the rides at Busch Gardens and SeaWorld, in case it helps to shape other future travellers’ decisions.

We went to our first visit to Busch Gardens on Dec 23, Dec 24 and because of the rain, we had to change SeaWorld for Dec 27. We only rode the main rides at Busch Gardens, and were disappointed by some of the rides, while others surpassed our expectations.

Busch Gardens

  1. Montu: We rode it like 3 times, we were really looking forward to experiencing this ride, because we have only tried an inverted coaster called Flight Deck at our local park and it’s horrible; you head doesn’t stop banging on both sides of the rubber hardness. Well this one wasn’t as bad but our heads banged. We tried pushing our heads forward or backwards and either way there was some banging on the ears. The other issue was that some of loops felt a bit rough at times.
  2. Kumba: This one let us down as well; it wasn’t tall enough, fast enough and I banged my head once or twice but not a big deal, so it was just fine, but nothing to wow us for.
  3. Cobra’s Curse: Better than expected, but still kind of an ok/family ride.
  4. SheiKra: We rode it 4 times and enjoyed it, but because we have a version of this ride in our local park, we couldn’t stop ourselves from comparing it to that ride: we found it less smooth than the Yukon Striker and the drop seems less impressive, maybe because Yukon go straight into an underwater tunnel.
  5. Tigris: Way better than we were expecting!!! We loved it, only wish it was longer, we rode it like 5 times in two days, thanks to the rain on the first day, and the ride being down on the second day, that let us walk onto the ride once it was in service again, and do it a few times before people knew it was back on.
  6. Cheetah Hunt: My favourite ride of this park!!! We rode it 5 times as well. So long, so smooth, so fast :slight_smile:


  1. Kraken: Similar to Kumba but better.
  2. Manta: We were ready for a somewhat uncomfortable ride, but it turned out to be a very comfortable, very unique, very smooth, and very fun ride; we loved it.
  3. Mako: Such a gorgeous ride, so enjoyable, so long, we rode it like 5 times in the day, and just loved it!!!

I couldn’t come up with a ranked top list, because many of the rides are so different from each other, but on my top 8 rides/screen rides, not on any order it would be.

Hagrid’s Motorbike
Expedition Everest (Only rode it at night this time and it was a lot of fun)
Flight of Passage (The screen wasn’t as sharp as I remembered being, but still equally immersive and breathtaking)
Cheetah Hunt

Thanks again to everyone in this chat for their help!!


Manta and Cheetah are tops of my list! The Manta is such a unique and elegant ride IMO.

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