Seat selection for long flight

Looking at choosing seats for our 13 hour flight (me, Dh, DS11 and DS10)

options are 1. seating three across, and then one person on the opposite aisle
2. Seating 2 in front, 2 behind (and then do I sit with DH and let the kids be alone, or sit one kid with each adult?)
3. Seat two on either side of the aisle… with the same question as above?

What would you choose?

We are a family of 4 and both DH and I always want the aisle seats. So option 1 is our preferred configuration. My kids will share movies and for the most part get along. If your kids are likely to fight or annoy each other (therefore annoying you), separate them.

Our flight is not nearly as long (5.5 hours), but I have been pondering the same thing with my DH, DS 11 (now, but will be 12 when we go) and DS 13. I have been leaning towards your option 1 and I would be on the isle across. DH is a nervous flyer, so I won’t put him next to strangers. If the boys start bugging one another, we will just move DH between them.

I’m thinking the same thing. My only concern is that I would also have to be on the opposite aisle, as my DH wont want to be by ‘himself’ for the flight… and I can see him arguing that he doesn’t want to spend 13 hours sorting the kids out by himself!

I did ask him, but he didn’t really want to have any input. I know the moment I make a decision he’ll decide it’s wrong though!

Or worse, wait until its happening and then complain incessantly. It will be the memory that scourges the trip for the rest of our lives lol.

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At 5ft 8, I am the titch in my family. So flying from the UK we always go for two in front, 2 behind, both on the aisle.That way I and younger DS sit in front, so that DH and older DS are not crippled by reclining seats.

When they were younger we would often do across the aisle. Sometimes I would move to be between them to stop the squabbling. And DH and I would swap over to allow opposite legs to stretch However sounds like 2 and 2 would work best for you. You can swap around to sit with DH, but still be able to separate the kids when necessary. If they’re not used to flying then have each one sit with an adult for take off and landing.

Make sure each one has a small bag with games console, phone and snacks etc to minimise passing of stuff around.

Oh and btw, I always have and always will pack one carry on bag with a change of clothes plus swim wear for everyone plus overnight toiletries, stuff it in the overhead locker and forget about it. Helps in case a case goes missing, you can start your holiday the next day w/o washing everything out! We’ve had cases not make it to Orlando, I’ve had a case not make it to HK before.

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That sounds like a good plan.

Emergency clothes are the first thing that go into our carry on, andit’s their job to pack their backpack to entertain themselves. They’re pretty practiced at it

Oh, meant to add. If they’re sitting together, have them sit behind you. That way if they start kicking the seats (!) you’ll be the first to know about it, not some angry stranger :sweat:


Put yourself in first class and leave the kids to look after themselves in the back of the plane!


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Oh it’s tempting, but the flights already cost around 8.5k!

I hadn’t thought of this!

They aren’t the kind to initially do it, but the younger one sometimes kicks my seat in the car by accident

Wasn’t trying to suggest they would.:slight_smile: I just remember one flight, whilst I was asleep that a very irate passenger sitting in front of us said my DS had been poking her in the back. Turns out he’d been trying to reach across me to get something out of his brother’s bag and had been bumping (repeatedly) the seat in front, rather than wake me up. Yikes!

Also sounds like something mine would do! My youngest has zero spatial awareness.

You can switch seats. Do two aisle and middle next. That way kids can be together but you can see them.

Option 1 for me, it’s how we travel as a family of 4 and always works well for us.

we do 3 /1 and 2/2

We did option one and it ended up with me sitting between DD3 and DD6 (because they both wanted to sit by me), staring longingly across the aisle at DH who was having a glass of wine and watching his iPad. :smile:


We’ve done both. Our preference is 2 and 2, as both kids then get a window seat. But if aisle seats are a priority for you, then the 4 across will work nicely, too.

So do you end up in the middle usually then on the 2/2 configuration? That is my only concern for that scenario.