Seat allocation - Virgin Atlantic

Hello all,

Is anyone having trouble with Disney making your seats ticketed for your flight? This means you can pick your seats together without paying? It’s meant to take 48 hours for them to be processed. But a week later and Virgin are still charging me £120 - £30 a seat. I rang Disney again the other day when the traffic had died down from CBR issues and they said they’d look into it but didn’t want me to waste more time on the phone. Low and behold, another 48 hours have passed and still no change to my booking with Virgin.

Has anyone else had this issue? It’s our honeymoon so we want to make sure we’re sat together. I don’t see why we should pay to sit together when you’ve already paid for the flight anyway.



We flew on a British Airways /American Airlines flight share on our last trip. We found that we had to pay £25 each to pre book seats. Otherwise you can choose your seat for free when you can check-in online, which was 48 hours ahead.

Seems this might be the new “norm” for transatlantic flights now then? We managed to get the seats we wanted, no problem by the way. Maybe not too many people are taking up the chance to pay…

We booked a package through Charter Travel but still would have had to pay to book our seats with Virgin (though they did it for free when we booked special assistance). I’ve never heard of seats being made ticketed by Disney. I do agree that it’s a money grab when you’ve already paid for the flight but it seems like most airlines do it now - on shorter flights like to the Canaries etc we just take our chances but we don’t always end up together.

I would check your terms and conditions with Disney. Virgin Atlantic do include free pre booking seats when you book direct and on Premier class. However when booking with a third party you don’t get all the benefits of booking direct. You will probably have the 48hrs in advance free seat allocation as part of your online check in. That is now standard practice.

I know what you mean but Disney have said they just contact virgin and make it ticketed. Then I can pick my seats together from now (60 days) without paying.

Suppose it’ll be another long phone call. :disappointed:

Sorry, didn’t pick up on that.

Hope they sort it out for you. And enjoy your honeymoon!